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Burial Insurance Companies

Burial insurance is a common form of life insurance sold through private insurance companies with the express purpose of paying for one’s final expenses when they pass on. You have your choice among many different companies that offer this type of insurance. Each company offers several different plan options, usually slightly different from what other companies are offering. The differences are not limited to coverage amounts and premiums. Different companies will have different minimum qualifications. You will want to be sure to shop around a little to compare options and rates before you buy anything.

In the United States, you will find dozens of companies offering burial insurance, however not all of them are available in every state. You will want to make sure that you purchase a policy from a broker that represents a company which is licensed in your state. If they are not licensed in your state, it is illegal for them to sell you a policy, however, in the past that has not stopped some less reputable individuals out there from trying. If you are not sure if they are licensed in your state, contact your state department of insurance.

Some of the largest insurance companies offering burial insurance include Met Life, TransAmerica, New York Life, Colonial Penn, Globe Life, and Lincoln Health and Life Insurance Corporation (LHLIC). You can find a little bit more detail about them here:

Transamerica Burial Insurance

Met Life Burial Insurance

Colonial Penn Burial Insurance

Globe Life Burial Insurance

LHLIC Burial Insurance

You are going to find slightly different options with each company. What one company offers may not suit your needs as well as a plan offered by another company. We recommend getting quotes from a minimum of three different companies to give you something to compare adequately.